Monday, May 30, 2011

Obama 2012 Grassroots Campaign Volunteer Video Released

by Tamara McRill

The Obama re-election camp released a video Saturday to motivate 2012 presidential campaign volunteers and emphasize a structured grass-roots organization. The video shows a chart denoting the flow of responsibilities in the campaign. Branching off a central organizer, responsibilities then fall to six team leader positions, which point to each other. The team leaders are over three integral strategy branches, such as voter registration and digital media, which will be carried out by campaign volunteers. Summer volunteer training, local volunteers and relationship building are highlighted.
"In September and October we will see a sea of volunteers come into our offices. We know we have to have an infrastructure in place, an organization in place to properly channel that energy," says Mitch Stewart, Obama's Battleground State Director in the video.
President Obama mobilized a massive grassroots campaign strategy to help win the 2008 election. >>Read More


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