Monday, April 16, 2012

Herman Cain’s Revolution on the Hill Flops

by Kathy Foust  | April 16, 2012
Herman Cain's Revolution on the Hill, a photo by Chris Wieland on Flickr.
When Herman Cain decided to hold a “Revolution on the Hill” in order to garner support and demonstrate to Capitol Hill that the people were firmly behind his proposed 9-9-9 plan, he surely expected hundreds of supporters to show up. What he got was around a hundred people, and some of those weren’t even supporters. They were reporters.

Herman Cain Rally, a photo by Chris Wieland on Flickr.
Whether the reporters were simply curious or thought they would actually see a crowd is unknown, but Herman Cain must be feeling like the guy in high school who waited for his parents to leave so he could have a party, only he didn’t have any friends willing to show up.

Immigrants rights group protesting Herman Cain, a photo by Chris Wieland on Flickr. 
The gathering was in an effort to move forward with the 9-9-9 tax plan, which completely ends the current tax system and replaces it with a 9% tax on income, 9% tax on corporations and 9% national sales tax. It won’t work and the most that we can get out of this plan is some entertainment. For instance, Michelle Bachman’s comment about flipping the numbers upside down to see the “devil in the details” certainly made me wonder if she even read the tax plan or just tried to come up with a supposedly witty comment based on the title of the plan.

Whatever Herman Cain expected to happen today, he probably wasn’t expecting yet more jokes at his expense. Of course, it could be that his supporters got confused by the numbers in the tax plan as well and thought that there should only be about 9 supporters per speaker. Herman Cain’s revolution obviously isn’t going to be successful, but it’s more entertaining than late night television!

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